Wise Living: Staying Safe In Southampton

Created by Southampton's Safer Students Forum

Welcome to Solent Owls

Local agencies, including Hampshire Police, Southampton City Council, the city’s two Universities and their Students’ Unions, work together to raise awareness of student safety and crime prevention to help to make Southampton a safe and pleasant place to live. But we need your help too!  The social side of coming to University is an important aspect of  your experience; Solent Owls is here to give you all the information you need to increase your chances of staying safe and ensure you enjoy your time at University.


Don’t become a statistic…

Although the chances of being a victim of crime are still low, students are more likely to be victims than other general members of the public (for example burglary). There are some easy ways you can help keep yourself safe. It may be your first time living independently, you may be in an unfamiliar city and unsure of your way around, and socialising with new people in new places. This should be an exciting and fun experience; take control and use your common sense to stay safe. This website has lots of handy hints and advice so is a good place to start!

Myth buster

Crime is often sensationalised in the media. Serious criminal offences are low in number, but because that’s what we hear about in the news, the picture can become skewed and unrealistic.